1.Taste of Tantra - Couples Retreat

An immersive tropical retreat in Cartagena Colombia. Expect to meet yourself and others in intimate profound practices that will shift your life for the good of all those you touch.

About The Retreat

a journey of self-discovery and connection through integrous tantric guidance. Through intimate and profound experiences, our three day immersion is created to support your highest release, recommitment, and reconnection to living as your own medicine. We will shift your relationship to pleasure in both solo and partnered explorations. This self-awareness expanding experience will also catapult all your relationships to a new level of respect and vibration. This retreat is grounded in the foundational pillars of Tantra, which will awaken the capacity of your physical and energetic body to support intentional and committed self-discovery. Suitable for all physical abilities, where you will walk away fully embodied, activated, and with basics and advanced skills to live an open, accepting, and blissful Tantric life. 
After a radically transformative days of activation and rewiring, we will integrate for long-term healing through harness the power of celebration through ceremonial rituals and co-regulation in community. Join us for a transformative retreat where you will meet yourself, your partner, and others in intimate, profound practices that will shift your capacity and experience of your pleasure birthright, forever. Reconnect to your sacred power

What you will learn

Discover self-love practices, rituals, and tools that you can implement into your daily life.
Experience the symbiotic relationship of self-love.
Learn to catapult your relationships to a new level of respect.
Activate self-love through embodied healing practices of breathwork, yoga, coaching, healing, and more.
Heal your heart in a supportive environment

​What you will gain

How communicate effectively for yourself, heal rejection and anxiety, and understand the differences between boundaries and rules.
A renewed sense of self love and rejuvenation 
Shift your life for the good of all those you touch. 
Awaken the capacity of your physical and energetic body.

What’s Included

  • 4 days and 3 nights luxury accommodations
  • Gourmet meals cooked by a private chef
  • Embodiment practices of yoga, guided meditations
  • Group coaching, workshops and activities
  • Ocean experiences
  • Beach Party under the stars with live music and bonfire
  • Daily rituals
  • Access to water toys
  • Private sunset cruises
  • private boat transfers and from airport

Not Included

SJO Airport – Flights to destination