Host “the anchor” for your clients

The next destination for your clients is in Colombia. If you are a professional looking to organize your own retreat or a company that You’re looking for a transformative experience for your employees, we’re here to help. make your stay unforgettable. We take care of every detail of your stay, so you can focus on the personal growth and healing of your clients or employees.

As a professional, you can trust us to provide you with everything you need. you need to organize a successful retreat for your clients: from a comfortable and cozy accommodation, passing through delicious meals in
state-of-the-art facilities, in an impressive natural environment. Discover our inspiring retreat location and our personalized service and Let The Anchor be your one-stop solution for organizing retreats: from
ticket sales until transformation and takeoff.

If you are a professional, facilitator, coach, leader, retreat host or corporate event planner, The Anchor team will support you completely into your events, from ticket sales to landing and takeoff for you and your clients. If staff at other retirement centers has not gone the extra mile to surprise and delight your customers and
participants at all times, if you want everything and at the same time be exclusive, but you can’t seem to find it, we present to you The Anchor. At our retirement property, you have a private and personal chef who
collaborates with you, you have a life coach and a concierge to ensure that your clients get everything they need and want. Complete the application to find out how

What to expect from our retreat experience?

At The Anchor we want to support professionals like you to make their life easier. As a professional, you are changing people’s lives while you run your own business. We recognize the hard work and dedication that
you put into your craft and we are here to fully support you as a leader. In The Anchor we take care of everything before your arrival, so you can focus solely on your clients, their well-being and their mental health. Our The goal is to simplify and facilitate the art of caring for people so that do the best you know how to do. Join the Anchor Community today and let us be your definitive support center in planning retreats in Colombia. At The Anchor you have the freedom to be as creative and demanding as you want,
while our staff, our private chef and our personal trainer.

They take care of the rest. We make it easy for you to experience serenity, sit, breathe and let yourself be guided to show the best of yourself to your clients. At The Anchors Private Retreat or any of our upcoming retreats specialized, you will get a completely private campus just for your retreat, access to our private boat, private chef and classes and activities interactives offered. You will also enjoy private pickups at the International Airport Rafael Núñez and luxury boat transportation to and from the property return.

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